• house for rent in  Larixhoven, Maastricht

    Larixhoven, Maastricht for rent

    Semi detached, decorated house with 4 bedrooms, carport and large garden € 1500,=

    This large semi detached house is situated in the future most popular expat area of Maastricht, Amby. It is a child friendly area, supermarket is close and the International School Maastricht is at a short and easy bicycle ride. 

  • house for rent in  Aan De Maas, Maastricht

    Aan De Maas, Maastricht for rent

    Maastricht Itteren, great nature in front, decorated studio with outside space € 725,= excl.

    An unexpected, beautiful spot in with spectacular view over the river Maas and nature with a herd of wild horses. This unique, decorated studio has a priceless view. Free parking.

  • house for rent in  Lenculenstraat, Maastricht

    Lenculenstraat, Maastricht for rent

    Great, luxury, furnished studio in centre, shared terrace € 795,= excl.

    In Jekerkwartier is situated this wonderful monumental mansion, fully renovated. This furnished studio is fully equipped, exceptional high quality and very comfortable. The studio has floor heating. Authorized or paid parking is possible.

  • house for rent in  Lantaarnstraat , Maastricht

    Lantaarnstraat , Maastricht for rent

    downtown Maastricht, furnished 2 bedroomed apartment, loggia & parking (optional) € 1350,= excl.

    A 2 minute walk away from Vrijthof and OLV Plein, near the shopping area of Maastricht, is situated this wonderful apartment. University, restaurants and shops are within reach. 

  • house for rent in  Vroenhovenweg, Maastricht

    Vroenhovenweg, Maastricht for rent

    In Campagne, lovely house for 1 person, 1 bedroom, furnished € 800,= excl.

    At the edge of Campagne, at the flank of a hill is situated this lovely, detached house for 1 person, with 1 bedroom. This  furnished house is situated on a quiet road, about 10 minutes bicycling to the centre. Free parking at the backside.

  • house for rent in  Meerssenerweg, Maastricht

    Meerssenerweg, Maastricht for rent

    Large, decorated family home, 3 bedrooms, patio garden and garage € 1500,= excl. utilities

    Near the highway, station North and UWC is situated this surprisingly spacious corner house. This lovely home is finished with wooden floors, a nice kitchen and bathroom. Free parking.

  • house for rent in  Witmakersstraat , Maastricht

    Witmakersstraat , Maastricht for rent

    Beautifull city mansion in famous Jekerkwartier area, 2 bedrooms and split level, patio garden € 2350,= excl.

    This house is renovated 2015 and finished with the latest luxury details, elevator, high quality materials and finished floors. Authorized parking or private parking oposite the house (optional).

  • house for rent in  Gerbergaplantsoen, Maastricht

    Gerbergaplantsoen, Maastricht for rent

    In Scharn, decorated house, 3 bedrooms, garden & carport € 1450,= excl.

    In the child friendly area of Scharn Noord is situated this partly decorated house, located at less then 2 km from UWC.

  • house for rent in  Stellalunet, Maastricht

    Stellalunet, Maastricht for rent

    In Ceramique, spacious decorated 2 bedroomed apartment, winter balcony and private parking € 1175,= excl.

    Near Plein 1992 and the trendy Wijck, apartment is spacious and has a nice parquet floor. The station is on walking distance and the highway is a few minutes driving away.

  • house for rent in  Geulstraat, Bunde

    Geulstraat, Bunde for rent

    Bunde, unique house, decorated, 5 bedrooms & large garden € 1700,= excl.

    This truly beautiful location is situated the Monumental castle farm “Rustenburg” close to convenient stores and 7,5 km from UWC Maastricht.