• house for rent in  Lunariabeemd , Maastricht

    Lunariabeemd , Maastricht for rent

    Nice family house, 3 bedroom, garden, near AZM and Medical Faculty € 975,= excl.

    In Heugem, near AZM/Academic Hospital and Randwijck is situated this good looking, decorated house with 3 bedrooms and garden. All windows have rolling blinds, all rooms are finished with a laminate floors. Streetparking is free.

  • house for rent in  Bourgognestraat, Maastricht

    Bourgognestraat, Maastricht for rent

    In Wijck, cosy 1 bedroomed apartment, balcony, decorated, near the station € 950,= excl.

    In Wijck, near Céramique is situated this lovely, renovated apartment with 1 bedroom and balcony. This apartment has a stylish lay out, a luxury finish and is completely decorated. Authorized parking of paid parking possible.

  • house for rent in  Kapoenstraat, Maastricht

    Kapoenstraat, Maastricht for rent

    Jekerkwartier, charming, decorated apartment, 1 bedroom, roof terrace € 925,= excl.

    In a beautiful part of the centre, 200 m from Vrijthof, is situated this partly decorated, renovated apartment, great roof terrace with a wonderful view. Authorized or paid parking.

  • house for rent in  Hertogsingel, Maastricht

    Hertogsingel, Maastricht for rent

    Centre, characteristic, decorated upstairs house, 3 bedrooms, roof terrace € 2250,= excl.

    A few minutes walking from UM main faculty and the park, is situated this stunning upstairs house. This well insulated house has a luxury and tasty finish and beautifull daylight. Authorized or paid parking.

  • house for rent in  Cortenstraat , Maastricht

    Cortenstraat , Maastricht for rent

    Beautiful furnished or unfurnished 1 bedroom apartment, in monumental mansion, great view on OLV square € 1000,= excl.

    In Jekerkwartier, the most popular area of Maastricht centre, is situated this truly magnificant, monumental mansion with grandeur and many characteristic elements. The furnished or unfurnished apartment has 1 bedroom.



  • house for rent in  Heilige Geest, Maastricht

    Heilige Geest, Maastricht for rent

    In side street off Markt, 1 bedroomed, furnished little house with patio € 900,=

    This charming, fully renovated house is just a few steps away from shops, restaurants, pubs, UM, public transport. Authorized or paid parking.

  • house for rent in  Bellefroidlunet, Maastricht

    Bellefroidlunet, Maastricht for rent

    In Céramique with river view, decorated 3 bedroomed apartment, loggia & 2 parkings € 2250,= excl.

    In the building Stoa is situated this truly outstanding apartment. Plein 1992 and the city centre are just a short walk, station and highway are easy to reach. 2 Parking spaces available.

  • house for rent in  Aylvalaan , Maastricht

    Aylvalaan , Maastricht for rent

    St. Pieter, characteristic decorated house, 3 large bedrooms, city garden € 1750,= excl.

    In one of the most beautiful streets of Maastricht is situated this wonderful, mansion. This decorated house is from early 20th century and has many authentic characteristics. Parking is possible with authorized parking or paid.

  • house for rent in  Tongerseplein, Maastricht

    Tongerseplein, Maastricht for rent

    Edge centre, decorated, 2 bedroomed upstairs house with roof terrace € 1000,= excl.

    A few minutes walk from the park and mainfaculty of UM, is situated this roomy upstairs house. This well insulated house gives a nice view over Tongerseplein. Authorized or paid parking.

  • house for rent in  Schonen Steijnweg, Moorveld

    Schonen Steijnweg, Moorveld for rent

    Near Maastricht Airport, brand new, charming studio in monumental farm € 600,= excl.

    North of Maastricht, in a beautiful rural environment, near arterial roads is situated this decorated or furnished studio in a renovated, monumental farmhouse.